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In late 2017 Amazon opened its new logistics centre near Sered, making it one of the latest European country to host an Amazon logistics operation. This historically significant southern town is located in the Danubian Lowland on the bank of the Váh, Slovakia’s longest river. Within easy reach of the Little Carpathian mountain range, it is one of the warmest and driest regions of Slovakia, with a rich wine-making tradition that includes sparkling wine produced using traditional champagne techniques. The town is also renowned for its cookies, biscuits, wafers and, river rafting for the more fitness conscious. Other attractions include the Esterházy castle. This innovative facility, with plans to create 1000 jobs within three years, joins the successful Bratislava Corporate Office which employs over 850 people. The new innovative Sered logistics centre offers the chance to work with the latest cutting edge technology to assess returned items for repair, recycling or reuse.


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